Replacement battery

Hello all, i am looking for a replacement battery for my Novatech NSPIRE PRO laptop. The model number is NNB X02091. There is also a made in china code which is : 1510-0TWD000 I have tried online but the model number does not show. Any help would be grateful. Steve.

Hey Steve,

This laptop is an A25PA Chassis. I took a quick look for you but couldn’t find a simple stock code to help you out. Our Sales team are much better versed in replacement batteries and the stock codes for them. It might be worth giving them a quick call on 02392 322 500 and they’ll be able to double check for you.

You can also drop them an email on


I found a battery on ebay : 10.8V Battery For A32-A15 A42-A15 4400mAh Pegatron A15HC A17 Gigabyte Q2532N NEW. It stated in the listing that it was compatible with NOVATECH and it fits and works perfectly.