Replacement Dongle receiver for Cherry DW3000

Anyone know if the is a generic 2.4ghz receiver to work with Cherry kb/Mouse set?
Simple: I have 2 of these sets and i’ve mislaid one receiver. Mailed Cherry and they say each receiver is coded for each KB/Mouse set;-ok.

Here’s my conundrum; I’ve just built a new pc using one of Novatech’s bundle, and had a fresh Win 10 install now updated to W11 (10.0.22000), (MSI Z690/!2700k) and I’ve found I can use either of my kb/Mice sets with the same receiver- other set moved far away so no Overlap Tried on another older Win 11 (Gigabyte Z390) and can only use one set with the receiver.

That’s why I was wondering if there IS an unofficial receiver that will work?

Thoughts; to save me wasting a perfectly good KB/Mouse.


So what cherry has said is somewhat correct. For devices that use 2.4GHz Nano Receivers they require slight changes in the frequency of each combo set and receiver. This is then combined with a key as well and this effectively pairs them. The reason for this being that if an office bought 20 of the same keyboard and mouse combo sets, you dont want to plug them in and find that everyone is able to type on everyone else’s machines and move the mouse cause the receiver’s work against every single one. This would be rather annoying. This means a generic one is difficult because you have no way of knowing the pairing to exact set you have. Logitech are the only people i know that got round this problem with there unifying receiver design that allows the dongle to be changed via software to work with most Logitech kit. But as most other suppliers work on a factory paired and keyed system. To provide a replacement they would need to know exactly what the original pairing setup was for your exact set and then make a new dongle for that set. So getting another one that works will probably be quite difficult. Hence why Cherry did not simply offer to sell you a replacement. I would certainly be interested to hear if you do get a solution but my understanding of how these nano receivers work i dont know of something i can recommend that will actually do the job.

Thank you coops. What you say makes sense in corporate environment, and in any place where > 1 people work etc.

I might well find it. Interesting that my new 12th gen build works with 1 receiver and kB/mouse, purchased some time apart.

Appreciate your response.