Returned my 970 :(

Following on from a thread on the old forum, took my 970 back in two days ago for testing. Partner can hear it whining downstairs which I figured was too much. It’s no where near the 9db advertised on the box. Feeling lost now with no gpu :frowning:


I feel for you. My PSU just went (it’s quite old) which means no PC for me until I buy a new one.
What kind of whiing are you getting? Over-noisy fan or is it more capacitor based (normally higher pitched)?

Fans on it are dead silent, I can see when they don’t move round and that’s fairly often. There is a light on it that shines out the back through the exhaust port and puts a shadow on the wall!

The noise is only when there is a load on it, so gaming, benchmarking etc it’s a high pitched electrical something :frowning:


I can’t be sure without hearing it, but that comes across as a capacitor issue.
Either way, the guys in returns willdefo sort it out for you (unless you’ve bashed it with a hammer or something - which I doubt :slight_smile: )

The guy on the desk checked it for damage as it was being booked in. Tbh I was a bit surprised he wasn’t wearing an anti static strap when handling it!

I know the return guys @ Novatech are good - I used to work in that department :stuck_out_tongue: been doing lots of reading, and just hoping it’s not my psu causing the noise in the gpu.


tested faulty :frowning: going for a refund as i don’t know exactly what card to get. The palit should of been excellent on paper but i don’t think i should risk another 970 unless i know it’s specifically ok

Although bad, that’s also good as at ot least you definitely know the issue is the card rather than something else (PSU, etc.).
How much are you looking to spend?

The wrong question :). Price is not the most relevant factor, im looking for the best performance to noise ratio that’s capable of playing games fairly well on a 34" uw monitor (not purchased yet, but that’s the plan). It’s also a mini itx so single pcie slot (but I could fit a fury x2 for example when released). And. 600w power envelope, until silver stone release their 700w Sfx-l


actually thinking about a nano now…

Or a 380x :). Will have to see where they sit review wise tho

I bought the Zotac 970 Amp! edition on Monday and it’s been great. Where it has 3 fans it is fairly quiet.

Not sure it would be fit for your purposes though

I always thought the Nano was the card for your build Nox powerful small and quiet, I think its the card I’d be looking at for your requirements! Although a little pricey but it does perform well

Yeah, just found some info about the 380x, it’s not looking great.

And it looks like Novatech don’t stock the nano either… Grrrr


Starting to get a little concerned about the stocking of our favourite pc store they seem to be very lacking in a lot of departments as far as stock goes, the 2k freesync and gsync monitors are non existent, theres a lot of people shopping elsewhere because of the lack of enthusiast options :unamused: :disappointed:

they didn’t stock most things from my build :frowning: they did have the nvme ssd though, and cheaper than anywhere else i found :slight_smile: unfortunately they went out of stock really quickly!!

Cheers for the input, guys. I’ve passed your concerns on up the food chain :smile:.

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If you want to be playing games well on an Ultrawide, you’ll want it to be probably something like a 390/Nano/Fury or 980/980Ti (depends how much FPS and Vsync means to you!). For small build I definitely agree with the above that the Nano is the most suited for the job.

In regards to your feedback in regards to stock, thank you for letting us know. It is good to get feedback from customers to know how to improve. A lot of the time if specific items are required they can often be sourced if requested, but I can appreciate that isn’t ideal if what you want isn’t on the site at the time you want to order.

i did ask about my x99e-itx but you were unable to source that :frowning: & I always buy my cpu, mobo and ram from the same place - it makes testing for faults easier if thay unfortunately crop up. rare i know. It was only one system at the end of the day - relatively minor. You might want to look at your mini-itx offerings too - no sfx psu listed either. I think a lot of people will upgrade to smaller/quieter systems as they get older. max fps becomes less important.

re the Nano - i’ve not found a review yet that says it doesn’t have coil whine :frowning:


Hi Jonny2Bad,

Thank you for the feedback, we will be looking at our monitor offering and correcting this.
If you feel anything is missing in our offering please feel free to PM me. All feedback is welcome.

Best Regards,

Hi Daryl thanks for taking note, have really noticed the drop off in in the really up to date hardware and just the amount of options available, now I understand thats its not practical to stock everything new and available in this crazy market but I do feel that the enthusiast has been forgotten some what. Example Avexir ram offered in all colours for the colour co-ordinated builder, the 2k monitors and absolutely no custom water cooling options just a few of the missing links that I feel we are missing. Oh and 2k Freesync please rush that along as my money is burning a hole in my pocket lol
Sorry Nox for going off track on your topic mate :smirk: