Reverting to Windows 10 after installing W7 Professional

My N150RF1 laptop came with Windows 10 and drivers but at the time I installed Windows 7 Professional and associated drivers. I am now thinking of installing Windows 10 Professional but how do I go about this? Do I need to get a normal Windows 10 first? If so, as Novatech would have supplied that in the first place, can I be provided with the necessary licence keys to do this?


It is most likely that the unit you bought would have been a Digital Product Key if the system came preinstalled with Windows 10. This means you Windows 10 Licence is embedded in your systems mainboard BIOS. If you created the recovery USB Stick before you wiped the system and installed Windows 7 then you can use that to load the system back to the factory Windows 10 State. If you don’t have that then you will need to go few a further steps to reload your system to Windows 10.
I would suggest if this is the case you will be best to contact our Tech support team directly as you will need to create install media using the Microsoft Media Creation tool to load the OS, they will then need to assist you in changing the licencing state of the system to work with Microsoft Digital Product Keys

Thank you. I have had two successive Novatech laptops of similar type. I can find the Windows 7 recovery disk for the older one complete with a Novatech Windows 8 disk if I’d wanted to ‘upgrade’ at that time but I have many memory sticks and none I can yet identify for Windows 10 drivers.


With Windows 10 unit that came preinstalled it does not ship with Media as it uses inbuilt recovery system, However it also has utility on desktop for customer to create recovery USB Drive should they want to reinstall from that or install something else and come back to Windows 10 Later. If you did not make this at the time then you wont have it.
However you can create Media using Microsoft tool from here

Our support guys will then need to assist you with Activation as we need to run a script on your system to update license state to recognise system with OA3 Digital Product Key.

I’m a bit worried now. I spoke to the tech dept and they persuaded me that as I wanted W10 Pro I needed to buy a new copy. Apparently although my laptop had W10 drivers on it (before I overwrote with W7 Pro) they hadn’t installed W10 as they knew I was going to install W7 Pro.

I now have a licensed copy of W10 Pro from Novatech. I would perfer to upgrade rather than clean install. Do I still need the Microsoft tool ink in your previous reply? The tech department said on the phone they were going to send me a link I would need but I haven’t received anything apart from the disk with W10 Pro.



Yes if your original build was Windows 10 Home, but if you now want Windows 10 Pro then you would need to have purchased a Windows 10 Pro License as you did not have this which you say you have now done.

As you have bought Windows 10 Pro you will have install media and a new key for this OS therefore don’t need to worry about my previous link I sent you which would help create media for you. At this point you can proceed to install Windows 10 Professional from the media you now have either by running in Windows 7 and performing an upgrade or by booting from the Media and performing a clean install, whichever you prefer.

Thank you - very much appreciated!