RTX 3080 available for custom builds? Too good to be true?

I’ve been in a queue for a competitor site for a custom PC for nearly two months… And now I looked at NT and there’re RTX 3080s available for custom builds?! Is this an error?? I can’t see how there can be stock available for immediate builds when there’re so many shortages…

If this truly is a dream situation, brilliant, but does anyone have an idea what RTX 3080 flavour is being supplied?

Hi Ollie

Yes we do have stocks of 3080 card available to our production. As we are predominantly a PC manufacturer we are keeping a certain level stock available to build systems rather than just selling cards and then only when stock balance is over a certain amount do we sell batches on a first come first serve basis rather than taking loads of backorders we dont have the stock to fill.
Due to the supply shortages in the 30xx series cards at the moment we cannot be exact about what make and model card you will get in a system build as they are coming from a pool of stock so depending on when the order goes to production and enters the picking stage is when we will know for sure cause it will be whatever batch of cards we are working through at that point.

That’s so crazy!! I can’t understand how some of your competitors are still doing orders from back in Nov!! Poor folks having no clue!!

My order’s due to go into production on Wed - order ending 850. Can I check back after Wed to find out?

I saw a few posts where some AIBs had stability problems, so wondered if that may be the same models being used or whether that issue had been fixed now?

The demand for 30xx series card was very high. Some suppliers took huge amounts of backorders when the card launched but due to the supply shortages this means it has taken some time for them to work through filling everyone’s orders. Unfortunately a combination of events has lead to a bit of a perfect storm causing the issues we have seen in recent months.

You are more than welcome to check back no problem. Although i can make no promises any brand you prefer??

The issue at launch around stability was pretty much resolved for all cards by Nvidia in Driver update and the few that were hardware related issues, these issues were not seen in production model but rather in pre production samples sent to reviewers etc. I have had 3080 running at home for a little while now and i have not found any issues myself so i would say its ok now and not something to be concerned with.

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I feel so bad for the people who’re on working day 80!! And paying for 3090 upgrades just to get something faster!!

Any idea what ones you have in at the moment? I’m not RGB-crazy, so faster speeds > appearance any day!!

If you’ve got any MSi, that’d be cool to brand match to the mobo. I mean a Suprim X would be the dream, but I imagine we’re talking about AIBs with pricing that matches the FE?

Bit of everything to be honest so i am sure we have some MSI in, let me see what i can do.

I mean it’s literally chalk and cheese between yourselves and one of the others. I got through to a person in 2mins vs. 2hrs and have a PC being built within 3WDs vs. 3months. And now you’re saying you’ll do what you can to meet preferences - wow! That’s so epic, thank you :smiley:

Appreciate there’s no guarantees, but I guess in order of preference, it would be (kinda predictable probably?):
Any other MSi

I don’t know how much the whole SP-CAP vs MLCCs thing is true, but I’d prefer to avoid risking ones only with SP-CAPs if possible… So I’d prefer not to have GIGABYTE GAMING & EAGLE or any ZOTAC ones if at all possible…

If something like a SUPRIM X or STRIX O10G is going to cost like £100-150 more, happy to front that if needed.

OK no worries, leave it with me.

Incredible stuff! Thanks John!!

Can’t wait to swap it out for my old i7-6700K/GTX TITAN X… Going to be CRAZY on my work 49" Dell UW QHD monitor…

So Jo just confirmed it’s in build - any clues for what card I got? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is totally awesome! Is it still the case that you have RTX 3080s in stock?

Hi Jim

3080 Cards are very much still in short supply. We are receiving shipments and allocating them to custom builds as quickly as we can. We did have a good drop of cards a little bit back which allowed us to clear a large stack of system orders and for some lucky people who ordered got straight through and in to production. We are expecting some further delays at the moment in regard to 3080 due to New Year in China and also some IC Shortages they are currently suffering. So its hard to say at the minute what lead time would be without an actual order to see when you will get allocated card as we are allocating incoming shipments to orders placed.

Thanks for replying so quickly. Is there a way for me to DM you the order number? I’ve been chatting to someone in your customer service team too, but just spotted this forum.

Yeah no worries, if you got an order number DM me on here or pop it over to john.cooper@novatech.co.uk and i will take a look

Hiya, just wondering if anyone knows a rough estimate of when 3060 ti cards will be back in custom builds as an option and if i can basically secure myself a decent make. i can pay extra to secure myself a decent make if needed.

I will get an update for you on 3060ti today. As for securing specific 30xx series cards, this is not something we have been offering due to the limited stock availability and uncertainty around deliveries. Usually customer would be able to choose but with the 30xx series stock being what it is and demand so high this has just not been possible. I will get some more information on the 3060ti stock first and see what we can do.

Thanks, 3060 ti seems to be even more hard to get onto than the other 30series cards due to the price to performance. Any idea what price you guys are gonna have it at in the custom builds aswell, when you had them last they were around £500.

OK, i have spoken with our purchasing team and the issue with 3060ti is that currently we cannot get stock at present so in order to make sure we dont have loads of orders for them in systems that we cannot reasonable say when they will be ready we have temporarily suspended them for the time being. They are hoping that around the middle of May we might have some news on them and then we can look to allow them again for ordering, but it really is going to be down to when we can secure stock.

Ok, just hoping they are put up for a decent price again like £450-£500 max as prices on the website for everything are always slightly changing custom build wise. thanks though gives me more time to save i guess.

yeah no worries, pricing is certainly very volatile in the GPU market at the moment.