RTX 3080 available for custom builds? Too good to be true?

Hi Stephen

Just to let you know 3060ti is going back on the configurator today to allow ordering as we have managed to secure some stock for PC Builds

I know man i just saw them now lets go!!! do you know how long you guys will have them available for on the website? and you guys got more cases to choose from ayyyy!!

Most likely until the until the incoming stock is allocated to build orders. If by then our purchasing has not sourced more then i suspect they might take them down again. Unfortunately its a game of numbers at the moment when it comes to the 3000 series Nvidia GPU

Do you know what type of cards are being sourced right now? im probably going to buy within the next few days and it’s gonna be playing lottery with what make of gpu i get.

From my understanding we have a batch of card stock coming made up of small amounts of cards from Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI and Asus. So bit of a mix to be honest.

jeez man prices for everything have flown up bad, i was gonna ring up and ask for a custom motherboard and get my pc bought on friday then 3060ti price was increased to £530 now the custom build option i was using has gone up £50 standard. ima have to wait i guess