Rubber Grips on the laptops & Crackly sound


I’ve noticed that one of the rubber grips on my laptop has fallen off and I cannot stick it back on. Is it possible to get a replacement of some sort as the lack of balance makes using it very difficult. I currently have the model N1755.

Another issue i’ve noticed is that when some sounds are being played through streaming websties (such as youtube) there are little cracks in the sound, I’m aware that this is a windows 10 error but i’ve not found anything that solves the issue completely.

Other than that I love my laptop, it’s amazing!


I’m sorry to hear about the balancing issues, definitely not ideal for yourself. It may be best to get in contact with us through our Ticket system so we can go through it for you and get some replacements sent out.

In regards to the sound issues you’ve been suffering, it’s not something I’ve personally come across with our laptops, which hopefully means it’s just a driver issue that requires fixing up for you. In which case we have all of the drivers for your laptop available on our Forum right here from the link below you’re just looking for the P670SG Chassis:

You can get in contact through our Email and ticket system using the following email address: and I’ll make sure I pick it up for yourself when it comes through. (Please pop in the subject title your order number and that it’s for the attention of Tech Support).


  • JASL