Rumoured new Bioshock

Not sure whether to be happy or sad. I love the Bioshock games, but this announcement says that it’s not the same company, development team or writers making the new game.

Hopefully they won’t mess it up.

Didn’t they sort of end this franchise with the last game. Story-wise, I mean?

Not really. The DLC for Inifinite showed that there are hundreds of alternative universes, and the story always starts with a man and a tower. They could easily revisit Rapture or Columbia.

They could go back to when Rapture was thriving rather than the crumbling ruins we’ve seen so far. I’m just worried that with new writers and a new development team they will completely cock it up :disappointed:

Yes, it’s a bit of a lotto when another company/dev team takes over. Let’s pray that they care enough about the franchise not to ruin it.

2K Marin, according to Wikipedia, also developed Bioshock 2. On this basis, I’m not getting my hopes up on a good game.

IMO Infinite was the best of the lot, Bioshock 1 closely behind.

All three were developed by Irrational Games who were under the 2K umbrella, then 5 of the Irrational employees moved to form 2K Marin. I assume 2K Marin must have helped on Bioshock 2 as it is listed as developed by Irrational.