Samsung 15TB SSD :O

Samsung have started shipping a 15TB SSD… and it’s still only 2.5" :open_mouth:

I think I need a few for my Synology at home :grin:


The most interesting piece of information about this SSD I’ve read, although the size is insane, is that it has a 5 year warranty. A 5 year warranty that guarantees at least full drive write every day for that 5 years.

That’s just shy of 28 Petabytes of guaranteed lifetime…

Considering Samsung are selling their 3.84TB SSD for $2,200 I fear how expensive this’ll be.

i might need a small loan of a million dollars :smile:

Estimates are around £5-6k as it is an enterprise drive so it isn’t hugely viable unless you win the lottery or something!

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