Samsung nvmeissue

Hi all…
Think I may have an issue with a 960evo …
It’s been my cache drive in an unraid server, diagnostics on the drive via unraid threw up a memory issue.
Now when I try to restart services on it then it’s ok, BUT when I try to stop them it hangs the entire system, I have to physically remove it from the network or it pulls the network down.
I have asked on the unraid forum but I’m thinking an issue with the nvme as it would also not format for the first 3 tries…

Any thoughts ?
Many thanks.

So has the 960evo drive been working and its just stopped working, or has this issue always been present.
Has the NVME drive been checked for latest firmware and updated if required.
Has your motherboard BIOS been updated to the latest version.

Do you have another system / OS that the drive can be tested in to confirm if said fault still shows just in case issue is being caused by UNRAID itself.