SCCM Builds - W25CSW showing as client not installed

Hi Everyone

I have a bunch of W25CSWs and I am trying to build them using SCCM. They were built OK about a year and a half ago but now they appear in the SCCM console at the end of the build but showing that the client isn’t installed when it is. This issue is isolated to specifically these laptops - all other machines build without issue. The thing is these sometimes appear OK and sometimes do not. I have 30 of them and they all have the same issue. They work in every other respect so I am wondering if there is perhaps a BIOS update I could try…

Current BIOS is 4.6.5 08/05/2014

Any advice gratefully received…



This is not the BIOS version exactly but the core BIOS code version from AMI.

If you got in to the BIOS on the main screen you should see 2 numbers for the versions of the system BIOS and the EC BIOS. they will look something like this 1.01.15

So we will need to know what the values are for your SYS and EC so we can see what updates are available if any.


Thanks for your reply - the BIOS is:

System 1.03.05
EC 1.03.04


I have no further updates over this version.

Has SCCM always been a problem or was it working before but is issue now??

They were built with SCCM about 18 months ago but now when they build they seem to be wanting to share the same GUID or something. If I build one it appears in SCCM (but it shows as not having the client installed even though it is installed). If I build another one it overwrites the first one etc etc. When I look at the properties the hardware ID that SCCM gives them is the same on every one. I do not have this issue with any other model of laptop (we have about 8 different manufacturers) and the other laptops do not share the same hardware ID so I am guessing it is something to do with that… What is odd is that they appear in DHCP with 20 zeros on the end of the MAC address during build but the MAC addresses are different on each laptop so that is not the issue. It’s as if the PXE boot element of the NIC has some info in it that is causing the conflicts possibly…

It is typical for SMBIOS UUID to be set as 20 Zeros followed by the MAC Address assigned to the ethernet adaptor of the unit. This obviously means the UUID is unique and will therefore be different on every unit. The actual UUID can be anything and in the old days use to be totally random. These days they just tend to make it from the LAN MAC.

By Default SCCM should be using UUID from SMBIOS to ID the hardware so as long as each system UUID is truly unique and you can see they are definitely different on each system then it should be ok.

You tend to see UUID during PXE Load alongside the MAC just before it connects to a PXE Server.

You can also check on a system if it is running Windows by opening a CMD Window. The run WMIC to start a WMI Query
Then enter CSPRODUCT and press enter. This should should bring back a load of information. Under UUID should be a long string which is the default string used by SSCM before it falls back to other things.

Yes I have checked the SMBIOS GUID using wmic - which is made up of the MAC address and 20 zeros. I have even tried modifying it using AMIDEWIN. What is odd is that SCCM either detects a duplicate record or puts an error in the component logs as below -

SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER 620 Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 547, severity 16: [23000][547][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “PendingRegistrationData__ConflictSMSID_FK”. The conflict occurred in database "my_SCCMDatabase_name ", table “dbo.ClientKeyData”, column ’ Please refer to your Configuration Manager documentation, SQL Server documentation, or the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further troubleshooting information.

It does this whenever one of these is built and then SCCM fails to show the client as installed on these machines. They build fine in every other respect. It is only this particular model that has this issue and I have 30 of them - all the same with the same issue.

I see the UUID when it PXE boots as you say - but I am seeing a similar UUID shown as a MAC address in my DHCP scopes with a different ip address to the one that the machine gets when DHCP gets the actual MAC. What is odd here though is that the UUID shown in wmic is different to what is shown in DHCP. For example if the machine has a MAC address of 80FA5B04E9F6 and an SMBIOS UUID of 045BFA80-F6-E9-0000-0000-000000000000. The MAC address shown in DHCP is firstly 80FA5B04E9F600000000000000000000 and then just 80FA5B04E9F6. Note that the SMBIOS is made up of the MAC address but the MAC adddress with all the zeros that ends up in DHCP is just the MAC address with 20 zeros so not quite the same as the UUID. I can probably send you screenshots to explain it better…