Screen randomly goes white on startup and waking from sleep


I’m currently just under two years of using my laptop and something really strange has happened. I sent my laptop into a repair shop to get the dust cleaned out and when it came back the screen would go solid white on startup randomly with it flickering a little. I ran various software checks through the help of google and everything turned up fine, after taking it to another repair shop, they opened it and said they couldn’t find anything visibly wrong with the cables or connections and when connecting the laptop to an external screen the laptop still worked. Now the screen will go white on startup still and when coming out of sleep (i’m running windows 10). When pressing the escape key to log in it’ll sometimes fix itself other times it remains white. Also a day ago I got a windows error with syntp.sys failed and DRIVER_IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Any suggestions on what to do or if this is a software or hardware issue?

I don’t really fancy doing a hard reset unless I really have to so i’d like that as a last resort!


That error code is usually a driver software issue, and if you’ve been having display issues we can probably put this puzzle together and assume your display drivers are acting up.
I Would recommend wiping at re-installing the display drivers. Do you know if your laptop uses onboard Intel graphics or a dedicated graphics card?

I have a intergrated graphics and a dedicated one, i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the dedicated one but had no luck, also when using an external monitor, that doesn’t appear to flicker!

Current specs below

So I uninstalled my drivers for both the internal and dedicated gpu and the white screen still happens, on putting to sleep and rewaking the laptop it fixes.

One more update (and maybe my last) . I’ve found that applying pressure in the area near the hinge seems to stop the screen from flickering and when it heats up from playing certain games it flickers more. do I contact sales support to see the price of a screen replacemen? (hopefully it’s not too expensive).

Ah yeah sounds like you’ll want to contact novatech support for a screen replacement. depending on your laptop model it shouldn’t be too expensive. Also if it’s just under two years, double check the warranty status.