Screen vanishing act!

We have 2 users on our laptop; I can log in OK but after my husband uploaded some photos under his user he couldn’t shut down properly and now he can’t even get past log-in. He just gets a blank screen. I have no idea where to start looking to try to resolve this.
Any help, idiot proof preferably, would be appreciated.

Just to cover the basics - Have you tried switching off the laptop and removing the battery for a minute and trying again?

Thanks Luke,
I really didn’t know where to start but I will try that and see what happens.

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I’ve just tried it but unfortunately got the ‘welcome’ spiral then a black screen again.

It sounds like the user account has become corrupt. If the other user account is an administrator, you’ll need to go and take all the files from the corrupt user account and put them in yours. You can then delete the corrupt user account and create a new one and place the files back.

Hope this helps!

Just an FYI I am not Novatech staff.

Thanks again Luke, I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to respond, even more so as you don’t work for Novatech.
My account might be the admin one but I can’t remember. I’ll have a go at getting into hubby’s user account and see what I can find, unfortunately, I’m not as computer savvy as everyone else on the forum seems to be. Mind you hubby is a complete computer-phobe and has probably clicked on something he shouldn’t!
Thanks again for your time and trouble.

You’re quite welcome!

What you’ll probably want to do is this:

  • Log in as you
  • Open File Explorer and go to C:\Users and find your husband’s folder, from there you can copy and paste files in to say, a folder on your desktop, make one called ‘Backup’ or something (This is in case deleting the user profile removes files as I can’t remember off the top of my head)

Once you’re happy you’ve got all the files in to that backup folder, and follow the instructions here to help delete and create a new user
And actually just as I’ve searched and found that after typing out my first part they have that included anyway :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Oh wow!
Can’t tell you how grateful I am and all this in your own time.
Thank you sooo much. I will have a go straight after dinner.
Have a great evening.

You’re an absolute star. I have found all his photos - about 8 years worth of old ones and the new ones- and put them into his new account via the Public user. Didn’t even know that existed. I’ve been to Microsoft places I never went to before. It has taken about 2 and a half hours, windows 10 doesn’t seem to make things easy.
Never mind, the job is done thanks to your help and no black screen, hooray!

Sending you a big thank you hug if the administrator will allow it.:hugs:

You’re very welcome! Glad I could help. I don’t do end user windows desktop support as a full time job any more so I’m more inclined now to help outside of work haha!
I’m sure the Novatech admins will allow a hug :slight_smile:


Just saw your post, if you do not have any joy in gaining access to you data, it may be a problem with your drive. If so we partner with Novatech and offer data recovery. Don’t hesitate to get in contact. My Tel 02392671330.

Regards John

Hi John,
Thanks for getting in touch but I have managed to retrieve everything with help from the forum (thanks Luke).
It took a while as I’m not that good at the techie stuff but I will keep your number (if that’s OK) for future reference as something may happen later.

Hi Jeanette,

No problem, glad to hear you got back up and running.

Regards John