Series to binge on

So let’s have some recommendations of TV series that are binge worthy…

Watched the first two episodes of “The Man in the High Castle” last night on Amazon Prime Video; the rest of the series releases on the 20th. Definitely an interesting series and can’t wait to watch the rest.

If you like dystopian alternate reality shows then you should definitely check it out

Oh man where to start, Breaking Bad, obviously. Game of Thrones, FRINGE and My Name is Earl are probably the TV shows I think everybody should see :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard to know where to start, here is what i’m watching at the mo, Blindspot, Heroes Reborn, Quantico, The Affair, Wicked city, The Flash, The Arrow, Homeland, The walking Dead (of course), Into the badlands (just started)

Is Blindspot the one with the lady covered in tattoos that predict future events? I saw the trailer for it and looked interesting

Yes it’s very good mate well worth a look

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I don’t have more to say but have to use 20 - yes 20 chars up. Seems like a lot but there you go

I watched the first couple of episodes of Gotham, but didn’t really get into it. And I didn’t like the character of Gordon much either. So it’s worth sticking with it then?

Absolutley, I’ve enjoyed everyone, its good to see the progress of all the characters, particularly the Riddler as he slowly loses the plot and of course he who will become Batman.

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I know you already watch some of these Codemonkey but what I have been watching of late (to name a few):

The Forgotten
Gold Rush
The Originals
South Park
Da Vincis Demons
The 100
Dark Matter

Yeah I’m on season 3 of Vikings at the moment, and waiting impatiently for the next season of The Originals

Dexter! and I loved Better Call Saul although there’s only one season at the moment.

Vikings is just immense lol, loved continuum also they really ended the series well I thought, loved dark matter, DaVinci was a little off this season I thought but the story was still gripping, The 100 is very good! So many good shows out there when you list them lol

Vikings is amazing. Lagertha is the love of my life <3

Up to episode 8 of “The Man In The High Castle” now; completely hooked!

At the moment I’m watching

Ash Vs the Evil dead (of course :wink: )
The Blacklist
Criminal Minds
The Strain
and for the giggles I’m currently re-watching the 1978 Battlestar Galactica :smile:

Just starting on the Man in the High Castle (thanks to @codemonkey)

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I mentioned it in an earlier thread, but if you haven’t watched Mr. Robot then you should!

@codemonkey Yeah… I’ll have to remember to have a look at that later, also quite interested in seeing what Blindspot is like

My List would be

Brooklyn Nine Nine
Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (if your not watching it all ready)
Agents of Shield (Stick with it gets good in the second season)

Finished “The Man in the High Castle” last night. Great series, but the finale will leave you going “wtf?!?” and with even more questions than the first episode.

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I’ve thought about watching that - Might give it a go.

It’s old and it’s silly, but the original Jackass TV shows are brilliantly stupid :smiley:

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