Series to binge on

Watching This now along side Marvel Jessica Jones, enjoying both but TMITHC does seem a little odd so far but intrigued as to where its all going

Watched the first episode of “Into the Badlands” last night… bit cheesy in places but the martial arts were pretty impressive!

Im enjoying it so far, every martial arts program has to have a bit of cheese in there its part of the genre lol

Watched the first three episodes now, it’s getting better!

Finished “Into the Badlands” so needed something else to watch; so thought I’d give “Constantine” a go. Not half bad if you can put up with the Welsh accent when he’s supposed to be a scouser :grin:

Also, very happy to see that both Marco Polo and Daredevil have Season 2 announcements up on Netflix now. Marco Polo even has a little special about the origin story for “Hundred Eyes”, 'tis awesome!

Just started on the Shannara chronicles good bit of fantasy drama that seems pretty good so far, watching super girl with my daughters and finding it surprisingly enjoyable despite the cheese aspect lol

I’m a big fan of Once Upon a Time (available on Netflix).
It can be cheesy as hell, but it’s a nice series to watch when you want something that’s not too intensive, this like popcorn movies. Leave your brain at the door and just enjoy the series for what it is. Fairy tale characters brought into the modern world, but as always, with a twist.

I’ve heard good things about Sleepy Hollow, Grimm and Penny Dreadful, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it myself. I’d like to hear peoples opinions on these, to see if they are worth getting into.

Also, there was a mini series on Sky Atlantic a while ago called Ascension. It was brilliant but it looks like it’s not been picked up for any further development which is really sad :frowning:

I love Penny Dreadful and Sleepy Hollow also although the last series was a little off compared to the previous, didnt get into Grimm but I know loads of people that love it! Ascension was quality but not sure it was supposed to be anything more than the mini series but wouldve been great if it carried on I must admit

Found this site yesterday…

All the Netflix genre categories have a code attached to them, and most of them are hidden, but using that site you can find the perfect niche genre for you next time you can’t find something to watch

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New shows I’m watching or have enjoyed so far! Colony was pretty good, Lucifer was good for light hearted entertainment, Second Chance I really enjoyed and the 3rd season of Black Sails has been very good also. Started on Damien (The Omen spin off) not sure about that 1 yet as they are my favourite horror films so will have to be good!

+1 for Lucifer, I’m really enjoying it.

There has been a few new series I’ve been watching, Westworld was absolutely brilliant I thought, am enjoying Travellers so far, Stranger Things was fantastic also, Frequency is watchable and Mars is ok, apart from the documentary clips.

Yes for Westworld. We finished it this week, and loved every minute of it!

Apparently Man in the High Castle season 2 is coming in December. Can’t wait!

Yes this week mate, Friday I think

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Anyone been watching The Grand Tour? Other than episode two, I’ve been pretty impressed with it so far.

I have a 4K TV - but sadly can’t watch The Grand Tour at that res, as my dinosaur PC plays 4K streams at an unwatchably low fps, but the show is still great at 1080p.

Just finished it, excellent TV series really had me gripped, totally binged on it last night on 5 episodes and 2 today. Loved it! Started the OA the other day also absolutely loving that its twisted but so good.

The Expanse. It’s amazing hard scifi with a lot of political tension thrown in. Think cold war with well thought out space combat mechanics.

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Excellent show loved it, looking forward to series 2 on Feb 1st

I’ll have to check out the Expanse. Recently we’ve been watching Van Helsing on Netflix. Based on the Helsing graphic novel it’s a fairly gritty (and bloody) vampire apocalypse story. Really enjoyed it so far.

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I enjoyed Van Helsing also wasn’t quite what I was expecting but worked well I thought.