Single board computer

Just before Christmas I designed a single board computer (circuit and layout) and pad a PCB fab company to make it (just the PCB - not the components). The board came through on 23rd Dec and I’e been putting it together and testing it since :).

Here’s the top and underside on the board prior to me soldering the components on:

And here’s the board with the components soldered on:

The board has a 65C02 processor clocked at 16MHz with 32KB RAM, 30KB OS ROM, serial (RS232) and general I/O available. Normally these designs will run at 8-10MHz so I’m quite pleased with 16. Got to overclock it a little more through various teaks and write the OS (which will get written to the OS ROM). Going to impement I2C and SPI to talk to a real time clock, SD card storage and off board EEPROM storage.

The only thing I’m unhappy with (a little) is that I forgot to put a heatsink pad in for the voltage regulator in the top right of the board. Doesn’t really need it though.


That is some seriously neat soldering :open_mouth:

Thanks :smile: . You just need a decent iron, solder, some extra flux and a steady hand.
Dave Jones’ videos on soldering is well worth watching for tips on technique and equipment:

Great work there taking home tech to a whole new level lol