So I Dug Out My Old Novatech PC

It had been sat there for years, but I fancied dipping my toe in the water of Linux, so decided to replace windows xp with ubuntu

Good job I decided to do this on a PC I didn’t need for anything else.

To cut a long story short, I now have a bootup DVD in the tray with the 32 bit ubuntu iso file, boot priority in the bios (Phoenix 6.00) is set to cd-rom 1st and everyhing else disabled.

And yet… starting the PC still boots up good old Windows!

Any ideas?

The iso file can’t boot up!!. You need to burn the iso file to a DVD (ubuntu and Windows are quite large these days so you need a DVD) and then the system will bootup.

Have you done this?

HI there,

It’s not clear from your original post whether you have a DVD with just the ISO file sat on it, or you have actually burnt the ISO file to disc.

The ubuntu site has full instructions here.

Alternatively you can burn the ISO to a bootable USB stick (instructions here)

Hope this helps

Of course! I’ve installed programmes from an iso disc before