So upcoming unreleased mITX Rayzen boards?

So, I’ve been looking at building a mini ITX PC.

There are plenty of support for intel CPUs, wow but that 8 core on the Rayzen side, and only one supporting motherboard.

Biostar X370GTN

So this little motherboard was released recently. Its quite nice, but you know I would live to see a Asus ROG mITX mobo thats supports Ryzen. So, how long do you think I will be waiting for this release?

  • A couple of Months at the most?
  • I’ll be waiting forever, because it will never happen?
  • At least a couple of months, maybe longer?

I could give in and try to get a Biostar X370GTN, I mean they aren’t all that bad, negatives seem to be an ugly bios menu (I can live with that), no internally built wifi (hmm, not ideal), and lack of basic support (overclocking, rgb peripherals, fan slots, etc)