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Can you please help me,
I need to download the Clevo control Centre version 5.0001.1.46 but all the links for Clevo do not appear to work, do you know where I can download this from?.

Thanking you in advance.


Bernie :grinning:

What Chassis Model is this for specifically

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

My laptop is a Novatech NNB-C18M, hope that this will help you.



Please see link below to download Control Centre Application for your unit.

Hi John,
Many many thanks for the download link and your prompt response to this.
Itโ€™s great and reassuring to know that these forums are out there and there are people like you who are able to give help and advice.
Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards


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Youโ€™re welcome =D