Sound drivers for U50SI1

Can anybody point me in the right direction to obtain sound card and vga drivers for an old U50SI1. I have installed Windows 7 but sound is not good. I looked on this forum but there is no mention of drivers for a U50SI1 also browsed the net but was warned by my virus checker not to trust sites. Any ideas?

Hi Chris

The U50 Series don’t officially support Win7, however this doesn’t mean that it will not work if the only drivers that you are missing are VGA and audio if you can supply the hardware ID for each we should be able to help point you in the correct direction to obtain drivers from the device manufacturer themselves.

If you are unsure how to do this please see below

Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and tap the Pause/Break key. This will open the System Properties window,in the menu on the left hand side select Device Manager.

Right click on the device that needs to be identified (this should be highlighted with an exclamation mark or be listed as unknown device.)and select Properties

Select the Details tab, from the Property drop-down box select Hardware IDs
Please copy the information in the top line of the Value window

The info should look something like PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_0D215B&REV_03

Hi Sebastian
I was wondering if you could help me acquire display drivers for the U50SI1 running windows 7 ?
It currently has a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter (not an unknown device) but the display doesn’t look right at all
Any help much appreciated
Cheers :slight_smile: