Star Wars Battlefront

So who played the Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta then?

I had a quick bash, and though after reading a lot of the press leading up to it which by I expected to dislike it, I was pleasantly surprised and found it fun.

Found the balance a little off on Walker Assault though - which seems to be a common complaint in the Tech press.

I must admit I heard something about a beta, but never saw anything about taking part. Although I haven’t pre-ordered it so maybe that’s why. The videos I’ve seen on youtube look amazing, I will try and resist temptation though and not buy this one until I’ve completed Fallout 4 :wink:

I haven’t pre-ordered it either, as I expected to dislike it given the all the press about what was missing in it compared to the original games.

I like to watch the odd trailer, or game footage video. I try not to read too much up on the press side of things in case something disappoints me :wink:

Looks interesting. I did hear that the vehicle pickup is a bit too basic, though. I.e. you pickup vehicle as power ups as opposed to getting in them…

Yes, lots of pickup powerups used in-game. But, it looks very pretty, and it’s Star Wars.

Given that it had only two multiplayer modes so you only got a shallow experience of the game; it was fun.

I’m not sure it will have the staying power or the deep tactical gameplay of Battlefield, but what I played, I enjoyed.

It does win points for being starwars so as long as it doesn’t cost £50+ then I’ll give it a go. But then again, this is EA it may well be in that price range.

… and it does look incredibly, incredibly pretty…

Not sure why the dude capturing this chose to record with it in 3rd person mode. 1st person is much better :stuck_out_tongue:

It does look good. I hope the game play is also as good.
BTW when those pods landed the HL gamer in me expected him to be attacked by head-crabs :laughing:

HL3 confirmed? :smile:

Yes I played the Alpha and then the Beta, great fun as a game, am hoping other game modes offer a little more depth to the game, was really hoping they added a 2142 style Titan assault mode with battle cruisers as that would have probably made the game all kinds of awesome lol but I think they will miss that trick! But am looking forward to the full game and hope it actually works as it looks great!

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Well, if you believe youtube… :wink:

Continuing the discussion from Star Wars Battlefront:

Now that would have been awesome!

Yeah I think Dice really will miss a opportunity to make it a truly great game, Deathstar assault, or something along those lines would really make it a great game, with great longevity also as that mode never had a chance to get boring.

Gameplay launch trailer has been released… and it looks kinda epic

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I know the alpha and beta really didn’t show all that lol So it it could end up having some length to it yet

Some of those aerial battles looked great. Might have to pick it up now…

Well I pre-ordered it after the alpha was kinda regretting pre-ordering another origin/dice game after the whole BF4 fiasco but im hoping now I’ve made the right decision lol

This does look pretty sweet. I was so hoping it wasn’t just going to be Battlefield with a Star Wars skin.

Loving the comment from Boba Fett as he flew over the Sarlacc pit " That won’t happen again!" lol :joy:

Yeah that bit cracked me up too quality humour! :joy: