Stardew Valley (by ConcernedApe)

Hi everyone,

Anyone seen/started playing Stardew Valley?

Very harvest moon/animal crossing vibe. All created by one guy, and published by Chucklefish (who created Starbound). Link for anyone interested on steam - Stardew Valley on Steam

I’ve only played about 4 hours today on my day off and gosh, it’s so crazy addictive!

Oh man this game is so good! It is literally everything that made Harvest Moon good, and then some! He’s already released 5 patches since release so he is still very much hard at work on the game which is awesome. He definitely deserves all the cash he’s acquired from the 400k+ sales of the game so far!

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I’ve even convinced the boyfriends mum to get a steam account so she can play it too on her Novatech Tablet! :’)

There is just so much content and you always have something to do. I am totally hooked.

I don’t know how I’ll make it through the day in work without playing it haha :grinning:

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Haha that’s amazing!

Get a Windows tablet then you can play it at your desk :wink: