Startup failure

Laptop Model N1589: This system was purchased by my now deceased Father-in-law Mr Colin Greensmith and was subsequently wiped to remove any delicate information. However, I would now like to reuse the system for my daughter who is need of a laptop however, the system does not display anything or seem start the bios on powerup. In fact I have yet to see anything at all on the screen. The battery is fine and there is an attempt at disk access but of course there is nothing on it to boot. Any advice on how I can at least get to the bios screen would be very helpful.

Key to access the BIOS is F2 however even without an OS on the drive you should still see at least the BIOS splash screen.

Hi, thanks for the reply. As you suggest I really should see the bios screen on the display but simply cannot. What I don’t know if the computer was docked or connected to a monitor (which I have tried) and that this is redirecting out somewhere other than the PC screen and if so whether this is why I cannot see a bios screen? If all else fails do I have any other options I could try after all this is a core i5 PC that is well speced albeit a little older and would be fine for my daughters use if only I could get it going, any suggestions very gratefully received.

If you had external display connected then BIOS should show on external screen. This would be helpful to diagnose if issue is system not POST at all or if the issue is with internal screen such as complete failure or backlight failure.

If no video output at either source then it would need further diagnose to make sure nothing has come loose inside such as memory module etc which might be stopping unit working and then beyond that it would need component level test to see what bit has failed and is preventing system start which would be difficult to do without right equipment and test parts.

So it might be worth checking with external display and also if you can remove the rear cover and make sure everything looks secure and in place. Beyond that it might need to have a proper check-up to determine cause