Steam Sale Starts Today!

It time for you wallet to run and hide and to watch the credit/debit card start to melt, the glorious Steam Sale is upon us.

Not to mention It has also been revealed that UK customers who spend £20 or more on Steam will also receive £5 off when using PayPal ( offer now ended ) :frowning:

So what are people hoping for in the coming days and if anyone spots any spectacular bargains don’t forget to let us know here.


Oooh nice catch on the PayPal offer!

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I need to hide my card before the sale hits…

Anyone seen anything worthy of a mention yet?

My top picks:

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition 60% off £11.99

Shadow of Mordor 80% off £3.19

Dishonored 75% off £1.99

FTL: Faster Than Light 75% off £1.74

XCom: Enemy Unknown 75% £3.74


Well I grabbed 7 Days to die, Wolfenstein New Order and Shadow of Mordor today, not sure when I’n going to get chance to play them all but hey had to buy something right lol

Haha know that feeling! Craziest thing is I’ve barely picked up any games this sale. Mostly cheap DLC here and there. Main Culprit being Tabletop simulator. Love those Table Flipping boardgame goodness!

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I’ve pickup cheap games and DLC’s here and there,…