Steam/Xbox/PS Profiles

With pretty much 90% of our members have serious problems with a clinical addiction to gaming, whether you are a member of the glorious PC gaming master race or a dirty console peasant, thought that we should have a list of Steam/Xbox/PS account IDs for those who want to meet up and have a game of whatever the flavour of the month game we have at the time :slight_smile:

Feel free to hit me up for just about anything I have in my library… except maybe civ :frowning:

Steam ID: sebastionsteel (look for the can of whoop a$$ :smiley: )
Origin ID: sebastionsteel

Steam ID: Elitibis

Feel free to add me and i’ll play just about anything in my library.

My profile can’t be missed. Only account with that name and…Well… I ain’t the “Steam Profile Guru” for nothing :wink:

Looking to branch out into some consoles for the exclusive releases and so on but not quite there yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Steam id: Jonny2Bad
Origin : Jonny2Bad
Novatech Steam Group: Novatech

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Steam ID: B1scuit
Origin: dystopiavirus
UPlay: Ch1cken-B1scuit

Teamspeak :

(It’s an open TS, invite who you want xD )

Feel free to add me and drop me a message, I am working up until end of October, however afterwards, some CS:GO games are very overdue :slight_smile:


Best I finally add mine to the list:

Steam ID: Zantid
Discord: Zantid#5529

Feel free to add, can’t promise I’m around much :slight_smile:


Yay! Necrothread genericZombieMale

Appropriate for just after Halloween :rofl:

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I just want to be one of the cool kids.

And, we totally need more names up there anyway :smiley: