Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things Season 2 premiers on Netflix tonight,

Really enjoyed the first season, anyone else getting ready to binge watch? :grin:

The wife and I binged like the first half of season one and then stopped … never quite got round to finishing it :confused:

Need to get that sorted before we can watch Season 2 :joy:

Stranger Things Bus Advertisement!

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How do you watch the first half and just stop?! My gf’s mum watched all of it in one sitting :joy:


Sad to say I binged the whole series on Friday night and it was well worth it

Hoping that Netflix pick it up for the final 2 seasons as there is no official word as yet :frowning:

And one of the British stars was refused entry into the US the other day after they found traces of Cocaine in his luggage … could put a spanner in the works if he is barred further entry :joy:

Haha oh dear! I had no idea he was English, his accent was good.
Bit of a shame, he’ll just need to be more careful next time :wink:

Still got two episodes to go… but managed to set this up last night :smiley:

Thought an animated background was fitting.

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Loved the 1st series, so hopefully will get round to a proper binge this week and get series 2 watched, but again time is my enemy at the moment for all things I want to do lol