Such terrible support from novatech

this is the 1st time ive ever had to create an account to get support for a product, sort it out! seriously a list in the forum for your products? it looks like you have missed the last 20 years of drop down menus displaying to help find the drivers, and where are my drivers? no where. i have the n1725 and after several hours googling my way about ive still come up short. where the hell are the drivers for this laptop? what chassis am i using? no information anywhere. i dont want to join a community and talk about firestrike benchmarks, i dont want to tell you my life story of how i ended up with this rig and i certainly dont want to have to tell you how many god dam times ive miss hit these stupid keys, why is the enter mini? they feel nice but for some reason i just cant type on here, have been using it for months and still keep miss hitting them. so now ill tell you what i do want, a god dam driver page with the ability to search for this actual laptop.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a tough time getting towards the Drivers that you need. I’m not sure why you would need to make an account of any kind, you’re welcome to give us a chat on Live Chat, or send us an email across, or even a quick call and we’d be able to go over and offer help.

I’ve been unable to locate the N1725 on our stock system currently, which is a little strange but completely fine. You’ll find a black sticker on the bottom of the Laptop, this should give you some information on the unit itself, as well as a possible Chassis number (likely in the top right of the sticker).

Failing that, you may also be able to find a Serial Number that starts with a 7, and ends with a Dash and three numbers either on the bottom of the unit, or likely inside the battery compartment.

You’re welcome to either direct message me the picture of the sticker if you’re stuck, or the serial number and I’ll be able to help further.

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Damn dude calm yourself - You know it’s pretty easy to call or live chat with Novatech support staff? They’re a pretty nice bunch and would quickly and easily provide you with what you need. To be honest I don’t think they deserve customers like you. It’s people like you that make working a job in customer service or support so rubbish.

Also, if you’re struggling to type, just practice more
A bad workman blames his tools.

I have never had an issue with Novatech support, their live chat function is really handy

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Loads of info…

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Went through and managed to take a look and I believe your Laptop is in reference to a P170SM Chassis: which can be found on the following list of Drivers:

Hopefully that gets you up and running

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Yeah the tech support is terrible. It’s never online and when it is it just wants to pass you onto a different team that guess what… isn’t online.
I’m having my own problem with them right now.

Yah, you posted on Friday the 18th at about 4pm, I guess you probably emailed Customer Support on that day as well who have an up to 24hr turn around time on enquiries which excludes the weekend - fun fact; support staff are humans and need breaks too :slight_smile:

Just give them a chance to resolve your issue before you come online and start slating them.

although i did send email before i think. I don’t know anymore i am bad when i have any amount of stress at all. I am not like a well adapted human to modern human problems so it is hard for me to do it. like i get tired and just wanna stop dealing with the problem really quickly and it makes me feel sad.
im sorry for being mean.

Yeah there customer service needs a rethink and new ideas.

What about smaller shops on high street and and giving old parts and drivers on a server type system?

Hi there Fast-Alpha,

Our drivers are already stored on our fileserver and we provide links via the below pages.
Legacy drivers can be found here: Laptop drivers for legacy chassis
Current drivers can be found here: Laptop Drivers / Manuals

Any spares for units can be obtained by talking with our sales desk on 02392 322 500 or by using livechat or leaving a message. Our customer services and technical support teams can be contacted via the same methods.

I hope this information is useful.

Best regards,

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So the forums you get no customer support and you have to contact novatech directly, even for help out of warranty, is this good business folks ?

The forum is monitored by staff in their spare time, it’s not really an official channel for support. You have email, live chat and phone support as official channels.

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The forums are a place to chat with like minded people, share ideas and ask questions or advice from other forum members (both other members of the public and some members of Novatech staff, all of their own free will and of their choice) it is not a place to come for direct support on specific issues if you require a direct response from one of our departments.

You are quite welcome to ask for anyone help or advice on an issue but bear in mind that this can be answered by any member of the public and as good as most of our members are the answer may or may not always be 100% accurate.

So for assistance on specific issues, such as replacement parts, which are very unlikely to be obtainable from members of the public or where you need an Official answer it would always be best to contact us via one of the methods mentioned above.