The Division Beta
Well you can sign up for this now its going live at the end of the month, could be a good 1 folks :wink:


Been looking forward to this - Hopefully it’s good! I’ve enjoyed quite a lot of Tom Clancy games

Nice. Signed up.

Fingers crossed I get invitation as I try not to pre-order games these days

Yeah me either far too much money to hope that they make a good job of games these days, but hopefully at least someone here will get an invite and be able to report back

Anyone get a code yet? They’ve started rolling them out now, alas nothing for me as yet though!

Nothing here either :cry:

Mine came through the other day so im preloaded and ready to go lol

You jammy #@?£

I haven’t had anything through so am assuming the worst and will console myself playing Rise of the Tomb Raider instead :wink:

in know I always seem to get in on these betas lol will report back :wink:

Nothing for me yet :frowning:

Just had a little play of it as its just gone live looks great and plays very smoothly so far but will have to wait for a more in depth play later anyone gets on my uplay is jonny2bad1971

I read this last night,

Doesn’t bode well for the future :neutral_face:

Well I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted over the weekend dam birthday celebrations got in the way lol, but over all I was pretty disappointed in a lot of aspects of the game. The combat is dull at best, holds very little single play enjoyment, was a little better when playing with friends. The PvP area got very tiresome very quickly full of people with better guns just killing you as soon as they come across you not really giving you a chance to get into the game at all. It has great promise as a game and the idea is workable, but with what I’ve just read in Deans link cant see me parting with my money for this game at all at the moment :frowning:

Happy belated birthday @Jonny2Bad!

Shame about the gameplay. Perhaps they can iron out some of the issues before launch, but it being Ubisoft I don’t hold out much hope, and in all likelihood - given Ubi’s history - the servers will all crash on launch day anyway, just compounding their issues.

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Cheers mate, and yeah its gonna be another Ubifail for me so I wont be parting with my hard earned cash for this 1 at all

I have to admit I have not been lucky enough to get a Beta key for this but from what I have heard and from CM’s link I kinda glad :slightly_smiling:

Happy Belated Birthday @Jonny2Bad , hope you had a good one :wink:

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For those who didn’t get a key, the pre-load for the open beta free to play weekend is active :slightly_smiling:

Will give it a try this weekend, perhaps we can get a few people on TS to try it if it is any good!

Been playing it this morning. Really enjoying it so far :grinning:

Looking forward to the full launch tomorrow :grin: