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Do people have any software they use often or that they recommend to friends or family for various things, please share and include a description of what they’re for.

I’ll start:


I’ll put more when I remember them :joy:

+1 for Avast. Put it in “Silent/Gaming mode” and it will never pester you.


and then the same as pete on most things.

Found a list of all sorts of homelab tools

Have a look :slight_smile:

The complete driver uninstaller! I always use this every couple of installs to keep things clean
For all hard drive partion needs

For all stability testing

For all hard drive testing
And last but not least the Ark server manager which I use to run my own server! Great bit of free software

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Absolutely love Avast! Always found AVG, Norton and McAfee to be a bit of a nightmare

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