Time to replace my 970

I currently have an MSI 970 .I think its due an upgrade . My ideal budget is upto £200,but could go to £300
Thank you

For that kind of budget I think you may struggle to see any real improvement over the 970. For the £200 mark you are looking at a 1060 which a lot of benchmarks puts on a fairly close par.

There’s the AMD option of an RX580, but you will likely only see a 10% improvement in performance.

If you can stretch the budget to the £350 ish area then you could get a GTX 1070 which would give a performance boost, but that’s obviously a fair amount more money than you want to spend.

For my two pence, I would save more pennies and get a 1070

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Thank you for your reply & help, much appreciated .
I did view the 1070 cards, but the price was slightly off putting . I would love to spend £350 on a new card, but I don’t wear the trousers in this house lol :frowning: .
I may wait a few months, and save a few more pennies ,for the 1070 .
Thanks again codemonkey

Another option is to find another 970 cheap and SLI them if you have the power supply to handle the extra draw. Not all games benefit from SLI but a few with the proper profiles from Nvidia would certainly see a boost.