Titanfall 2 Released at the wrong time?

I got titanfall 2 the other day and it is excellent, however EA have been saying the are not really expecting it to sell due to it being released between BF1 and COD:IW/MW

Yeah, it’s a tricky time to market a big AAA title at the moment. Trying to compete with the titans of Battlefield and Call of Duty is difficult a the best of times, let alone when the latest instalments of both have just been released. And given the lacklustre reception of the first due to the lack of single player campaign and the “get boring rather quick” multiplayer I can see why they think it won’t sell.

They kinda have to get it out now, ready for the Xmas rush though. Leave it too late and you don’t give the parents enough time to get it for lil Bobby, release it early and you’re competing with every other Christmas release. Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

Yeah totally agree its a shame though as the game is amazing it’s single player campaign is exactly what it was missing in the first and the multiplayer is really fast paced and runs really smooth at 2k on my PC