TT View 71 shipping cost?

How can you charge £30 shipping when other shops like Scan can ship it for £10.50 when they had it in stock the other week? I would have bought it from you guys if it wasn’t for the shipping cost you want. When OCUK get it in I can get shipping for free although they are charging £5 more for the case.
If you can reduce shipping i’ll gladly buy from you.

Does that sound cheeky, sorry if it does, It’s just £30 is hard to swallow lol

Unfortunately the delivery charge of £30 would be for a 48hr delivery via Pallet. We ship items such as this case with extreme care and caution to make sure things such as almost full glass cases are not damaged, and arrive to you in as pristine condition as possible.

If you would like, you’re welcome to send me a direct message with some further details and I can take a further look into this and get you in contact with one of our Sales Advisers directly who can offer more advice on the situation?

  • JASL

Well if you could ship at a more reasonable rate then I would buy, just can’t justify the £30 as that would be 3 fans out of my budget.