U50SI1 windows XP or windows 7 will not install

I have an old Novatech u50SI1 laptop.
Intel core Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz 64 bits

Not used very much recently. It has lubuntu running on it.
Yesterday I tried to install windows 7 on it using a dvd (iso). The CDROM starts to read, but it fails. The laptop simply ends up booting into lubuntu. I tried an XP dvd and that also fails.
NOTE. If I try a lubuntu installation disk that works fine.

As part of the lubuntu installation disk I tried running memtest and sadly that also failed, but not in the same place each time. And when it fails, the screen goes blank and the laptop turns off. I also tried running a lubuntu stress (stress application) test on the laptop which was mainly testing the cpu and this would also fail quite often. Again when it fails the screen goes off and the laptop turns off. If I use the laptop to browse the web or do lightweight tasks it seems ok.

I could buy another stick of ram and see if that fixes the problems, but I think that it looks more like the laptop has developed an intermittent hardware fault of some kind since the memory test fails at different addresses.

Should I send the laptop to the junk yard in the sky or do you think that I should get hold of some more ram on ebay or gumtree and give that a go?
I dont really understand why the windows 7 or xp will not even try and install on the computer. Does that give me a clue of some sort?

Any thoughts?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you are having issues running any kind of Stress Test be it Ubuntu or Windows then this could be an indication of some kind of issue. As this is a laptop of some age, the first thing I think that needs checking is the Cooling Assembly for the CPU. Over time laptops can pick up a lot of dust and it can become stuck in the cooling fins of the heatsink and this prevents the fan from being able to cool the CPU properly. This would fit possibly with the light work is ok, but stress causes it to shutdown as this would be expected behaviour if CPU not getting enough cooling. So for sure a starting point would be to make sure that CPU cooler is clear of dust and not blocked in any way. This can be done using compressed air which is the easier way otherwise it will require some dismantling to get to it for proper inspection.

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Thank you so much for your input. I have dismantled the laptop and cleaned the fan and the heatsink. Unfortunately the problems that I am experiencing with it happen from cold. The laptop has not really had time to heat up to cause the problems. The memory test fails randomly from cold (it has never completed) and works from the lubuntu installation dvd. The installation of windows 7 (xp/windows 10) all fail from a cold start. Its weird that lubuntu installs happily, but windows always fails to install.
Thank You again for your thoughts.

It is possible it is faulty memory if it fails memory test. I am not sure on Ubuntu install Method but Windows uses a lot of decompression of files during install and this is known to show up CPU and Memory faults because of the process of decompressing files for install is intensive and faults in these devices can cause file corruption resulting in the install to fail.
Might want to try something like memtest86+ to see if memory is good.