Ubiquiti Hardware General

Hey all,

Just thought I’d pop my head in and see what people think of Ubiquiti’s networking gear. We’ve been using it for a few months and it’s pretty solid. (It being some Wifi APs, their Security gateway and Point-to-Point outdoor wireless hardware)

Has anybody else tried it? And are our wonderful friends at Novatech’s purchasing dept ever going to stock any?

I absolutely love my Edgerouter lite. I’ve been meaning to expand into their Wifi APs, but I may wait until I’ve moved, so I can figure out the best setup. To me they’re one of the best for networking gear at the moment.

Excellent in the SMB market, our onsite guys fit it quite often, and a lot of education admins swear by it. As far as getting hold of it, drop an email to sales, we do sell their gear, it just may not be website listed.