Ultimate Chicken Horse!

Has anyone had a chance to play around with this game yet?


I have been messing about with it for about a week now and it is my little guilty pleasure.
Its a great little party multiplayer platformer ( local, private or public online, which is in beta atm) where you build the level turn by turn, from an assortment of platforms and traps … the goal… to get to the end, whilst trying to ensure your opponents don’t. If everyone makes it then the level is too easy and nobody gets any points.

Absolutely rage inducing and guaranteed to test frendships lol :slight_smile:

Seen you playing this quite frequently! Sounds pretty intriguing, I’ll have to check it out

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Yeah been playing with @Jonarmani when he’s about and the kids, although they are not much of a challenge!! lol

Jon and I could do with another bod or two to join us … if you interested in getting a copy let me know and I may be able to sort you out something :wink:

Playing this with @PeterHolt, @Sebastion_Steel and @Jonarmani was a blast!

Definitely reccomend this game. The different combinations and possibilities when it comes to traps and obstacles are endless! This is further added onto as you can stick two different traps together to make a whole new monster of an obstacle :laughing:

Anyone else who gets it just give any of us a shout on steam or on here! I’m not entirely sure how many players you can have in one game at a time but oh well :joy:


unfortunately its only 4 player at a time :frowning: would be epic if you could get 6 player … absolute mayhem!!!

That way you definitely can’t get a crossbow xD