Unable to Access BIOS on Nfinity N1402

Hello there,

I need to get into the BIOS or otherwise run from a memory stick but my laptop is always accessing the SSD. I’ve tried Esc, F2 and every other function key but I can neither get to the BIOS or a boot up option screen. I have installed Grub into the boot sector as I had Linux running. This issue has happened after trying to upgrade Windows 10 (I get an error in Grub but I want to boot off something else to repair this). Either way this shouldn’t stop me from entering the BIOS.

Hi Leon,
Looking at the details for that your circa 2012 N1402 uses the X300 Ultrabook chassis which is now EoL. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to Windows 10 as that’s not supported on that model.

However it does seem peculiar that you are now unable to access the BIOS. Windows 10 uses something called SecureBoot which would prevent access to the BIOS once installed on a UEFI compatible secure boot enabled unit, however this X300 is not UEFI compatible to my knowledge so it shouldn’t have this effect.

Can you confirm that the issue persists even after physically disconnecting the hard drive/SSD from the unit?

Furthermore, have you attempted to reset the CMOS? This would involve disconnecting the watch battery from the unit.

Best regards,

Hi Ryan

Tonight I opened up the laptop top, disconnected a small cable from the battery momentarily and also pressed a small button. It now offers the Bios or boot menus on start up which I must have disabled in the Bios.

Now I can get into the boot menu I’m sure I can try to restore the PC.