Unable to increase frame rate

Hi all,

First post for me. I’ve recently bought a gaming laptop from Novatech this week. It looks brilliant but I seem to be having an issue with increasing the frame rate of the screen. At the moment the screen re-fresh rate is 60hz and is currently being run by the onboard graphics. The screen is advertised to run at 144hz and has a RTX 2060 to allow this.

My first thought was that the drivers installed for the GPU weren’t fully or were partially done as stock. So i updated that but it didn’t change anything. I can’t change the rate through the GPU either. It doesn’t seem to give me any where near as many options that I get from GPU on my desktop (970GTX).
I thought maybe then I should get the OS and all the drivers up to snuff and try then. I’ve done all this and rebooted it but still to no avail. Am I missing something?


just thought id throw in an update. It’s really strange but I tried playing a game (Doom) and I put a FPS counter on it and it managed quite happily to exceed 60 and go all the way to 144. Why is it then when I’m just browsing and just on my desktop does it not exceed 60?

In gaming laptops they normally operate in a hybrid mode that allows them to switch between the Intel UHD Graphics and when required for 3D Application the Nvidia Discrete card. This helps with things like battery life and heat when the system is under low load such as when on the desktop as the Nvidia card can be placed in to a low power state and the UHD Video from the Intel CPU can provide the desktop display. This does of course mean settings available are different when compared to say desktop Nvidia card running everything. When configuring system settings for 3D Applications this will be done in the NVIDIA Control panel as expected but for everything else it will be done in the Intel Graphics Control panel instead. Can you confirm what is set in the Intel control panel in regards to resolution and refresh rates.

Hi Coops, cheers for your reply. That makes a lot of sense, it’s my first time having a laptop of any kind. The resolution is set to 1920x1080 and refresh is set to 60.045Hz. When i check the refresh rates it wont allow to change it to anythingh higher or low.

And just to confirm this is using Internal Display panel only. You do not have external monitor also connected to the unit correct??

That’s correct, only the internal.

OK, let me run this past factory and double check if this is correct or not for Intel UHD side of video system. Just to be clear Nvidia Adpator is working to 144hz. So during gaming etc, refresh rate is working ok?

Yeah thats correct. Is it worth me giving novatech a call?