Unwanted re-starts

I have a Novatech PC at home, running Windows 10. The product code for this is PC-BX06916.

Sine around the end of November, the Pc has started shutting down at random intervals and re-starting. This usually happens when I am away from the screen, but has happened with a messahe telling me that the PC has encountered a problem and needs to re-start.

It is inconvenient to have to re-boot any software I am using after the re-start - usually a temporary file is saved and I have to untangle that. I now feel the need to shut down all software running when I go away from the computer for even a short while.

I am not a technical wizard, so would appreciate any advice that I am likely to be able to action.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Sorry to hear about the constant restarts brissle, I know how annoying they can be sometimes.

Hopefully it’s something simple that we’re able to go through with you and get you up and running with confidence again. You’ve mentioned that the machine turns off randomly, is this while in applications that are using the PC heavily or not? It may be that the machine is turning itself off due to thermal issues, it’s generally the most common and always a good place to start just in case.

Best way to check, is to grab yourself a piece of software that’s able to monitor your Temperatures of CPU and GPU. I generally advise on using HWMonitor.

In regards to Windows leaving log files or anything like that, sometimes it likes to leave minidump files within C:\Windows\Minidump if there’s any files in there, that’s good news as they might give us information on why it’s suffered an issue.

Thank you so much for that encouraging reply.

The PC turns itself off whether there is any software running or not. I am not a heavy user of the PC - generally all I have running at any one time is Chrome Browser (with maybe up to 10 tabs open for different things I am looking up), Outlook (for my emails downloaded from gmail), Word with maybe one or two documents open). I occasionally use Excel but this is not left running - I open it when needed.

Before posting the question on this forum, I had tried “Googling” the problem and found suggestions that thermal issues might be the cause. On the recomendation of one article I read I switched off the PC, unplugged everything from the back and removed the side of the case. There was a lot of dust inside and I used our hoover attachment to suck everything loose out of the mechanism, without touching anything inside. You cannot imagine how much courage it took to do that with my level of expertise…!!

After re-assembling, everything still worked (phew) but the randon re-starts still continued.

I have just downloaded HW Monitor and have run it. To my inexpert eye there doesn’t seem to be a temperature problem.

I tried a search for C:\Windows\Minidump in File explorer but nothing was found. That folder doesn’t appear to exist on my PC.

The files which are saved are “emergency” saved files of whatever Word document I was working on at the time of shutdown. Of course I now always make sure I have saved and shut down Word whenever I leave the computer. After the re-start Outlook often puts up a moody message telling me that it wasn’t shut down properly and all the files are being checked before it reloads.

I hope that’s not too much information - better too much than too little, I guess.


That’s incredibly strange to have the system completely turn off like that without giving you more information.

The temperatures you’ve provided certainly look good, and would be very proud of them myself if they were my CPU temperatures. It would be best just to double check and make sure these are the ones listed under your CPU and not just general case temperatures though.

With Windows not leaving us much in terms of figuring out where the issue may lie, the next bet is to do your own testing.

Run a malware scan, just to see if there are any viruses
Check your hard drives to make sure they’re okay with something like Seagate Seatools.
Double check RAM, if you’ve got two sticks, try with just a single stick and then try the opposite.

Finally, might be best just to run a system file scan; may not pick up anything but it’s best to give it a check:

You’ll need to open up a Command Prompt with admin permissions, and run the following command, without quotes:

“sfc /scannow”

Thank you again for these suggestions.
I have double-checked the temperatures and find another set further down which refer to the CPU:

Figures still look good.
I have run MalwareBytes and it found nothing. I do this about once every 2 weeks anyway and also run SuperAntiSpyware regularly.
I downloaded Seagate Seatools and that pronounved both hard drives to be fine.
I checked RAM usage and I appear to be using about 45% of available RAM.

I got stuck on running a system file scan because it says that only the administrator can do that - who the hell is the Administrator on MY computer…!!! ?

It looks like this is a real puzzle. I’m sorry to be troubling you with this problem. I have Googled this a weeks ago and the Microsoft Community forum seems to have one or two similar reports, but no solution that worked for me.

Thanks for all help

Those temperatures are definitely much more what I’d expect from a CPU, and still very good on the cooling side.

It’s extremely good news that Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware hasn’t picked anything up.

The next test I’d suggest then is Memtest http://www.memtest.org/ this will test the RAM hardware wise to see if there are any errors being thrown that way.

In regards to the sfc scan, did you make sure to run the Command Prompt with Admin Permissions (If you’re on Windows 7, you’ll need to right click it and then select “Run as Administrator”). That should let you run that test

It’s definitely a puzzle, and it’s very difficult to narrow down with just software alone unfortunately.

OK, thanks.
I discovered how to run the system file scan as Administrator - and no issues were found.

I looked at memtest.org and there doesn’t seem to be a download option for W10, but that may not matter now because…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed - The PC ran all day yesterday with no unwanted re-starts.

So I’m wondering whether the mix of tests you have got me to run did some sort of kick-start, plus (maybe) a Windows update has somehow solved the problem.

I’m going to sit tight for the time being and see what happens.

I’d like to say that I’m very grateful for your advice and patience.

Let’s hope the problem has gone away.

Best regards and thanks again.

You’re welcome, I’m glad to hear things are looking up!

Hopefully it will all stay stable for yourself, and it was just a random gremlin.