Upgrade an old Novatech laptop x65

I have an old X65 Pro Novatech laptop. The memory in it is shown as NBM-DR3C2G. It has 4GB memory. I would like to upgrade and put in as much as possible. Is this possible? Is there any memory compatible with this model?

Best bet is to speak to one of our sales people on live chat tomorrow after 9am

They will be able to find out what you need

I tried that a couple of weeks ago and the sales person I spoke to did not really know. They suggested I just try it and see.

In that case, @COOPS, do you know what RAM would work in this laptop?

The X65 PRO max RAM support was 4GB. As you already have this, then it is not possible to fit anymore ram to this unit as you are already at the max limit of the chassis hardware design as per chassis spec.


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