Upgrade from i5 to i7 help needed


I currently have an Asus Z97-K Mobo fitted with intel i5 4690 processor with 4 x 4gb ram

I want to move to i7 can anyone suggest suitable mobo and processor ?

Also is there much difference between SSD and PCIe SSD ?

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Do you intend to go with an i7 on the same motherboard you already have? if that’s the case you may want to look into a i7 4790k.

If you wish to change chipset, we normally reccomend you go with the newest Skylake processors. The best consumer grade CPU in that range on the market is the i7 6700K. Any LGA-1151 motherboard will work with this CPU so it simply boils down to personal preference.

Regarding the two different storage devices. PCIe SSD’s run exceptionally faster than the standard SATA SSD simply because of the connection used and the bandwidth they support. This is why PCIe SSD’s are worth so much more for the same capacity.

I hope this helps. If you need any more assistance feel free to reply to this response. If you want to purchase anything mentioned, I advise you contact our sales team by telephone, email or Livechat.


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I’d certainly think about the 4790k over the 6700k as they are very similar in performance, if you were wanting to move up to ddr4 and a newer chipset my advice has always been go x99 and 5820k/6800k as they are very similar in price to the 6700k but have extra cores/threads extra pcie lanes and all in all better all round. The new M2 ssd drives are very impressive and definitely worth that little extra.

Can you advise " go x99 and 5820k/6800k " what is x99 ?

Ah, ive worked it out… Asus X99 Mobo thanks

X99 is the chipset, its slightly more expensive form of i7 but you get much more for your money imo.

ok so if I have this right, I could stick with current mobo save £170 approx. upgrade to i7 increase ram from 16 to 32gb and change system disc to PCIe ssd and have a faster machine. But for not much more I can change chipset to a six core processor and DDR4 ram to have an even faster machine.

Will the six cores help with processing large files for photo editing etc ?

Yes it would help massively with any processing tasks (2 more cores=4 more threads), and will allow you to make use of the new M2 pcie ssd also, (if you stick with your old chipset the m2 will not be at full speed I think they manage around 700mbs max read on old tech. The smart money is on x99 rather than skylake for me but it is a little more pricey but worth it imo.

There are a few minor differences like:

Hyperthreading: All i5 processors are Quad Core and hence have 4 physical cores serving 4 threads. All i7 processors also are Quad Core but they are equipped with Hyperthreading technology which enables each core to serve 2 threads, hence the OS sees it as an Octa Core Processor rather than a Quad Core Processor.

Cache Size: RAM minimizes the use of Hard Drive similarly Cache minimizes the use of RAM. The more the Cache size, the more data can be accessed quickly. Most i5 processors(if not all) have a cache size of around 4MB (3,4,5 or even 6MB in some of them) but almost all i7 Processors have 8MB cache, which is significantly more, thereby allowing more amount of data to be accessed quickly.

Kind of bumping an old thread here, but I have seen the SSD vs PCIe SSD talk coming up here and there again, so…

I’ve seen a bunch of resources, like some advertising LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR saying that PCIe 2.0 SSDs are all the rage now - fasters and the best the market has to offer in terms of storage. And they’re kind of right, plugged directly into the motherboard they’re faster than the good old SATA connection.
But the thing is - unless you’re building some hardcore workstation and plan to work that SSD to the bone, this speed won’t matter all that much to you. It’s not like switching from an HDD to an SSD, it’s a smaller upgrade. So unless you have money to burn and want the newest and the shiniest you can focus on other parts.