Upgrade Network Card


I have the NSpire N1692 i7 11th Gen laptop, great laptop but the Intel AC-9462 network card is incompatible with my 1 GIG broadband and can only get about 250 mbps when in the same room as the TP-Link AX6600 Router.

My son upstairs can get 700mbps so I need to upgrade the network card to an AX Card.

Can anyone tell me what intel’s AX replacement card is for the AC-9462

Thank You

So Intel 9462 has max Speed of 433Mbps on 802.11ac using 80mhz Channels. So depending on wifi access point configuration that is max that can do.

From Wifi 5th Gen Adaptors this could be replaced with an Intel AC-9560 (9560NGW) which can reach speeds of 867Mbps on 802.11ac using 80Mhz Channels or if supported 1.73Gbps on 802.11ac using 160mhz Channels.

As for Intel 6th Gen Adaptors (Wifi6) you would be looking at either the AX200 or AX201 which would deliver max capable speed of 2.4Gbps on 802.11ax using 160mhz channels

So direct drop-in replacement would be AX200 if you want Wifi6 but AX201 is also supported. Make sure that card form factor is M.2 2230 to fit system slot

Thank you, that was very helpful


Have installed the AX201 and works a dream and now capable with my home network and getting speeds of 850mbps

Thank you

Thanks for the update and glad it’s working better for you now.