Upgrade of ssd on Notebook N8xEJEK

I have a 240GB ssd as Drive C: (Apacer AP240GAST 280 M2) which I believe runs as SATA, and want to upgrade to a 1TB WD Green SN350 NVMe Gen3 PCLe M2 2280. Will it work or do I have to change Bios. If it does work will it work as Sata or NVMe?

Hi Eddie

I have not been able to track you in our system to confirm exact model you have. But the majority of N8xEJEK family of chassis do support both SATA Type and NVME Gen3 x4 modules in the M.2 2280 slot of the mainboard so should be ok.

For reference NVME is NVME and SATA is SATA. They do not cross. For example, an NVME Only slot cannot support SATA Card and a SATA only slot cannot support NVME.
Where a slot is capable of both this is because the slot is built with connections to both controller interfaces to allow both type of cards to work. So an NVME Card will work as NVME only or it wont work at all


Hi COOPS, Thank you for your reply, Which answers my question.
All the best. Eddie