Upgrading my build, Tips?


I am tinkering with a few idea of an upgrade yet again and I think I’m going for a major overhaul which will future proof me for a while.

Here’s my current specs.

Z170 pro gaming motherboard (1151)
I5 6600k 3.5 (OC to 4.6, stable with vigorous benchmarking tests to ensure this)
GTX 960 frozr V OC 4GB
16GB Ram
OS is on a SSD

This is the build I think I am going to go for!

Z170 pro gaming motherboard (1151)
I7 6700k 4.0
GTX 1080 Strix 8GB
16GB Ram
And upgrade to a AIO water cooling fan and a new 750w corsair PSU

This will future proof me hopefully for a few years and will be a really bloody powerful build.

But I want to speak to someone who has got the specs I want and see if it is really worth the time and money to upgrade like this.

Also when upgrading this many parts would i have to do it component by component or all at once? First build so pretty new.

Thanks in advance


What do you use your pc for? The GPU could definitely do with an upgrade at a 1st glance, the cpu wont show you much improvement unless your seriously multi tasking but even then it would be minimal. I would probably say to you upgrade the gpu but leave the rest as it is for now

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The build is just for gaming and video editing.

Will the CPU not bottleneck the gpu? That’s what I’m worried about.

Thanks Warren.

As you have already OC the i5 then changing to i7 will only really bring hyperthreading to the table. Depending on what application is running this may not actually bring any improvement.

My gaming rig has i5 6600K OC, 16GB RAM with a 1080 and I do not notice any issues. So like Jonny said I would be inclined to leave the CPU alone, the cost of the upgrade won’t see any difference. Also Kaby Lake CPU is inbound so wait to see what they offer first cause although Intel 270 boards are coming to go with CPU, 170 boards should support CPU as well via BIOS update.
Is your SSD just standard 2.5" SATA or do you have an M.2 PCIe one on your board.



I have heard that about the CPU by pretty much everyone I have spoken to, So I think I will leave it for now.

Without delving into your personal life too much what games do you play on that rig? What sort of performance do you get on them games?
I have heard the 1080 also runs hot, is this true?
I have also heard a coil whine issue with some of the 1080s?
My SSD is just a standard 2.5" SATA, I will be upgrading though because the PCIe is incredibly faster I believe?
I am worried about how easy it is to change the drives as my OS is on my SSD, and I doubt you can just copy it from one to the other? I may be wrong.

Thank you, Warren.

I would not say my 1080 runs hotter than I would expect. I have an MSI 1080 Armor OC so it has custom cooling solution rather than the reference card cooling design. When card is idle most of the time the fans are not on and when gaming they do come on but not that much louder then I would expect. I would say I tend to hear the fans on my watercooler more than the GPU. So I would disagree they run hot. They don’t stand out like that compared to other recent top end cards, not like when the 480 came out years ago. That was a hot card.

Coil whine is not 1080 specific, Coil whine has existed on GPU as far back as I can remember. Some have it worse than others. Because of the different factors that go in to coil whine its not possible to say if you will get it or how bad. Some previous GPU cards I have had have been really bad when FPS is not limited with vsync or similar sync tech and GPU is allowed to run at the max fps it can achieve. Luckily my 1080 is fairly good and I do not notice any coil whine until it does something silly like render a menu screen at some frame rate of like 1000FPS+. So during gaming its totally fine and if it is making whine its not at a level I am able to notice it from my seat.

Proper M.2 PCIe cards ( not the M.2 SATA ) cards are very fast indeed. I currently have a Samsung SM951 running Windows 10 and the BIOS configured for UEFI boot ( No legacy Functions ) My system boots so quickly that its usual already on the desktop before the monitor even wakes up. It does make getting in to the BIOS amusing but UEFI has other ways to do that such as being able to restart from the OS in to the BIOS. M.2 certainly brings a massive boost to system performance over traditional SATA Drives and the new m.2 drive models from Samsung are due very soon which will make them even faster. These can bring a big boost to system performance for loading times etc. So definitely something to consider as a future upgrade part. If you know what you are doing you could move OS over but it would require manually creating boot partitions and boot loaders. Otherwise clone software could do it. Or you could bite the bullet and just do a clean install from scratch. This is always my preferred method when I do a hardware change. Forces me to clean up my system by starting again and not bringing all the rubbish over from the previous build.

As for Games, you name it, I have probably played it. Currently I have Fallout 4, Doom and Planet Coaster Alpha on the go and I am getting ready for Mafia 3 on Friday =D but the list of things I have played is long. Also my 1080 is powering my HTC Vive =D
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