Urgently need a PSU

I have a Corsair CX600M, but lately the sound of the fan has been getting worse, but then it’s always made a fluttering sound sometimes.

At the moment, I can hear spinning, but also a “creaking” sound as well!!

I can’t even afford a PSU until tomorrow, but I wonder if I should still use the PC until then, then maybe go to PC World in Cardiff to get a new one?

Years ago I had a PSU fail on me, but it didn’t take out anything else. What’s the chance my whole PC could go if I just continue to use it?

As a general rule with PSUs, provided the fan is indeed still spinning it shouldn’t be a problem (other than the noise!). I would pop the PC’s side panel off and periodically (every few minutes) check the fan is still spinning.

If the PSU did fail, a decent power supply such as that would have overload protection in place preventing damage to any attached components.

You could always order one from us for delivery to you next working day? It would almost certainly be cheaper and I’m certain that we have a much wider range than that retailer! Feel free to call our team on 02392 322 500, option 1.

I was thinking about this one for a replacement, as it seems the CX600M is no longer available:

With these modular PSUs, are all the connectors and cables the same design as each other? I would rather just use the Corsair cables with this PSU, rather than unplugging them all from the mobo, so can I do that?

Hi again,

Taking a look at the two power supplies the cables do look similar - but I could never suggest doing what you are thinking as it’s not something which we would have ever tested.

It would only take Corsair wiring one of their cables slightly differently to provide the incorrect voltage or polarity and possibly damage the connected components. :anguished:

How about this one, then?


I figured that modular was better (but more expensive) as I could use only those cables I needed, and not have the rest clogging up the case and reducing airflow, but it seems that is not the case, if I have to unplug everything anyway.

This power supply would be fine as a replacement for the original from what I can see, but I would suggest contacting our sales team who will be able to confirm for you.

If you change power supply you will always have to change the modular cables unless you go for the exact same model as a replacement. The idea isn’t that the cables can be fitted once and forgotten about and the PSU swapped out (as much as that would be awesome if the industry could agree on a standard, IEEE are you listening?) - rather that you only use the cables that you require so that you maximise airflow and have more visually appealing cable management.

UPDATE: I haven’t yet gotten a replacement PSU, as I wanted to clean out the PC of dust first, but now I’m in the market again.

Do I really need a 600W power supply? The biggest draw would be the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960, which I’ve been told needs a 400W minimum, but is there a way of testing how much power it uses at peak? Maybe 500W would be sufficient?

Also, what brand of PSU is LEAST prone to fan rattling? It seems that the Corsair rattled a lot ever since I first got it, like a fluttering noise, but despite cleaning out the PC, the noise from the PSU is even worse, like a sort of intermittent creaking or resonance.