Valley Benchmark

Well we had this on the old forum so thought I’d fire up a new thread here for it :slight_smile: The highest score in the old thread was around 5500 which is a tough 1 to beat lol! Was a 3 card setup AMD 7xxx series.
Anyway this is my current best score
Unigine Valley Benchmark 1.0 DL Here

screenshot and CPU-Z for verification or it doesn’t count!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha ha very true I was just being lazy will sort it out tomorrow but it’s an old save so no cpuz and I’m on vanilla settings at the moment due to going to replace thermal paste and realisation that I had none :joy::joy: so it’s not up 2 the standard it should be lol

Something we have in the office, playing with at the moment, stock speeds no overclock


Would love to know what 3D Mark would rate the machine.

I really dont know tbh, is it just me but they I think they scale so badly in sli, so we have £1200 of gpu scoring a 4 fps more min and barely 10 fps max than my aging 290’s in crossfire, as a single card they are just awesome but I wouldn’t be advising anyone to sli these beasts as the cost is just silly! Can put 4 480’s together for at least £200 less love to see that score!

Thought it was about time I ran the ol’ bench on my machine … expected better tbh :thinking:

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Thats on the money for me mate its a very good score for a single card! Look at the dual 1080 setup score, minimal increase in the score really ( albeit we know how badly these newer nvidia cards scale in sli )