W25csw bios update

Hi I’m looking to update the bios on a w25csw but I can’t find any details please can you help

Please can you update us with what SYSTEM and EC BIOS your chassis is currently running. Please got to the main page of the BIOS and you should see 2 versions number for SYS and EC which will looking something like this 1.0x.xx where x can be any number so for example 1.03.06 or 1.05.01


Hi. Same request here. BIOS and KBC/EC version 1.05.01. OS = Windows 7 32bit or OpenSuSE Leap 15.2. An Ethernet chip issue on both OS - doesn’t work at all or show error after the first system boot. Works okay after restart. Could you help, please?

1.05.01 is the latest for that unit. No further updates.

So issue is exactly the same in both OS correct.