W950LU HDMI port not working

Have W950LU laptop but would like to use external monitor through HDMI port. Tried different cables to monitor that works fine with other laptops. There seems to be no output at all from the laptop port and no monitor is detected. WIN10 system

After connecting display did you toggle the display to extend on to the other monitor??

Can you confirm the Intel VGA Driver version currently installed on your system??
Are you able to test VGA Port to monitor, does this work or no output from both HDMI and VGA?

Yes the display was toggled and tried all options for the different configurations.

The Driver currently installed:

Intel® HD Graphics 520

Date: 05.09.2020


The VGA port works fine and we use it with a VGA monitor.

Just need to be able to use HDMI for a large TV monitor with no VGA input

Have also tried to connect the laptop HDMI to a monitor I have connected to my PC via HDMI. When I connect this to the by just unplugging from the pc and connecting to the laptop the monitor goes into ‘online’ mode but there is no display or output from the laptop

When testing the HDMI was the VGA Monitor connected or disconnected. So was system tested with 2 display or 3 display. As in 2 ( Internal Screen + 1 External ) or 3 ( Internal Screen and 2 external)

no only the single HDMI monitor there was nothing in the VGA socket. So laptop screen and one monitor. Win10 did not detect any monitor only the laptop screen

Can you please update to the latest Intel VGA Driver and recheck
Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.40]

Downloaded Win64_15.40.5171.exe as suggested - comes up with ‘not supported hardware’ . Then downloaded the Intel Support Assistant and ran that - 3 updates, Wifi, Bluetooth and storage. Installed them successfully. rebooted. No difference to HDMI