Wanting to upgrade either processor or GPU, need help


I have had my PC for literally 2 months, very happy with it. a bit.
Heres my current spec

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Intel Z170 (Socket 1151) Motherboard
I5 6600K 3.5ghz (not OC and probably wont)
600w psu non modular

So heres my dilemma, It works great and I get very good performance, but on high demanding games like Arma 3 im just not happy with 50 frames in intense situations, it bugs me so I want to upgrade.

Heres my two options im open to at the moment, im open to more suggestions but this is what ive though of so far.

I am (at the moment) going to buy my GPU again, the 960 GTFV OC, and run the two in a sli config, and hopefully see a big difference in performance, but this is my first build and im not 100% if this will work as well as it will in my head.

So my second option in my eyes, is to out the i5 6600k processor, and buy a high end/top i7.

What would I see more of a difference in performance with?

Thank you for any answers in advanced, sorry for typos etc, typing quick and only a quick skim because im at work haha. thanks.


Definitely dont go 960 sli very poor performance gains for your money IMO! Arma3 is notoriously hard on hardware 50 fps is pretty decent if I’m honest, but if you have to upgrade a rough idea of budget would be great. You would see very little increase in swapping out the CPU as the 6600k is a very decent CPU, a little overclock wouldnt go a miss though :wink:

budget is anything, to an extent, about 400 pound max at the moment but if you recommend a 700 pound part (unlikely I know) I can make it happen.

Really poor gain? ■■■■ my main idea out the window. so confused.

Where would I start with overclocking safely? This is my first build and very nooby.

Thanks Jonny.

Well the 960 is a great entry GPU but obviously not the most powerful so they dont scale very well in sli so for me it would be a waste of money. In that price range its very difficult to ignore the nvidia 1070 for the single card option, for me I would be very tempted to get 2 non reference rx480’s when they are released in the very near future, as I’m not convinced by the reference cards that have just been released, that will give you great power for the same money roughly, both great options but if were my money the dual 480’s is where its at. As for overclocking a mild 4.2 would be a great start, so change the multiplier to 42 in the bios everything else will be autofixed, but only attempt this if you have a decent cooling setup and not the standard intel fan cooler. Here’s a more in depth Guide


in between our replies I overclocked.

Off my own back, found a tutorial on YouTube and followed it

Ive over clocked to 4.6

which is what he said in the video, I fear this is too high? Ive not had to change any of the voltage just the ratio multiplier, please get back to me asap as im worried

It seems stable and no temperatures over 60 degrees

Its working great, but everyone has said its overclocked too high, let me know

Ok run CPUZ and check what volts are being passed through your cpu and those temps are they under load? What cooler have you got on your CPU also! And dont panic most decent motherboards and cpus have very reliable thermal cut outs


heres a screenshot.



both taken within 30 secs but the values were changing so you get a idea of the flux

The hottest it got at a 100% cpu strain benchmark was 75 degrees but it was steady, hottest it got during playing arma for 30 mins on max settings was 60 degrees

ive got two after market fans running at 2300rpm (can go a lot more) but they do the job so well

Thats fine its a power saving option that lowers your CPU speed when its not being used so quite normal. Can be turned off in your power options