Warranty returns and timescales - what is reasonable

Hi there.

Does anyone have experience of what is a reasonable time for a graphics card to be fixed / replaced. 8 months into my warranty my graphics card failed. Novatech had it shipped to them in the first instant and then they shipped it off to the manufacturer.
So far its about 7 weeks but no sign of resolution in sight. What should be my options. I believe that Novatech should have replaced it when they tested it and if was defective.
Any thoughts anyone?


If the product is 8 months old then it would not be normal for us as the Retailer to simply replace the product, we would need to send if off to the manufacturer in order for them to make a decision on either repairing the product or if they deem that not viable then replacing the item. However 7 weeks does seem to be a lot longer than i would have thought this process should have taken. Can you PM me your RMA Number and i will look in to it and see whats going on

Hi there, I can’t send a PM to that user (the message validation says this when I try to send msg to you) - is it ok to post number on this forum page?

ok no problem, you can email it over to me john.cooper@novatech.co.uk

I sent an email to you. thankyou for looking into it for me

All sorted now - thank you your help