Welcome to the Novatech Community Forums!

  • Who is it for? - Anyone, even if you’re not a Novatech customer… yet :smile:
  • What can you find here? - Community, advice or just like minded people for a chat.
  • Why should you come here? - We’re friendly, we love computers, tech, gaming, or anything remotely geeky.

This is the official place to discuss anything Novatech, Computers, Gaming, Hardware… you name it. Ask for help on a build or just advice on what graphics card to opt for on your next upgrade. Or if you just want to show off your mad cable management skillz then show us a picture of your rig. We’d love to see them.

There are some things to avoid.

  • Please search before opening a new topic. Someone might have already experienced the same issues as you and already received the advice you need.
  • No advertising or affiliate links. Nobody here is interested in them, and they will be flagged by other users.
  • No Trolling. This one goes without saying. We’re here for fun and to help each other out. Any users posting inflammatory language regarding sex, race, religion, or politics will be warned and then banned. The only flame wars we want to see here is Nvidia vs. AMD :wink:

For more details check out the FAQ

See you on the boards!

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